BlackLine opens select training library for free but with caveats

With employees mandated to work from home, online learning is one of the few bright spots in the industry.

The onset of the coronavirus pandemic is forcing many accounting teams to operate in a distributed fashion, with many, if not all, team members being asked to work from home. This raises a number of questions:

  1. Is the finance operation set up to enable work from home? This includes infrastructure and process.
  2. Are members of the finance team sufficiently trained (skilled) in the various technologies to be able to work remotely?

BlackLine said it is offering complimentary training sessions to help EXISTING customers who could benefit from extra support closing their books. These include:

  1. Open access to the entire BlackLine U library of educational online resources and self-led training – including CPE-eligible (Continuing Professional Education) courses
  2. A new curriculum focused on closing in a distributed work environment including 15- and 30-minute ‘snackable’ videos, live virtual instructor-led training sessions and virtual ‘coffee breaks’ featuring interactive Q&A
  3. Pre-scheduled one-on-one time with a BlackLine subject matter expert to get real-time guidance
  4. Task Management and Reporting free for six months to existing customers who haven’t yet licensed these solutions, as well as complimentary expert coaching sessions for those who subscribe to the software already.

As organizations reduce Even just having a few staff out of the office or unable to work can have an adverse impact on closing the books; the situation is compounded and exponentially more complex for multi-nationals that already have multiple global locations.

BlackLine CEO Therese Tucker said the intent of the offer is to share this knowledge to help alleviate some of the stress that may come with the impending month- and quarter-end closes.

“In addition, we want to help our customers who are CPAs keep their accreditations current, even if they are confined to their homes – and at no cost in these difficult times,” she added.

To be clear, the free courses are limited to existing BlackLine customers including those in Asia. Access will require log-in credentials.

According to a BlackLine spokesperson, the free offer to customers have two other conditions:

  1. Users can access the entire BlackLine U library for the duration of the pandemic,
  2. Customers who take advantage of the free Tasks and Reporting offer will have access to those solutions for up to six months with an end date of 15 October 2020

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